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Dr. Dipankar Das

Visiting Professor of Economics

Dr. Dipankar Das is an Assistant Professor at the Goa Institute of Management, having earned a Ph.D. from The University of Burdwan. With a decade of academic experience, he has held various positions, including a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Economics at the Rabindranath Tagore Centre for Human Development Studies, Institute of Development Studies Kolkata, University of Calcutta, sponsored by the University Grants Commission of India. His research focuses on Digital Economics, Platform Economics, E-Commerce, Social Commerce, Revenue Management, Optimization, Information Theory in Finance and E-Commerce, Game Theory, Discrete Economics, Indivisibility, Complementarity, Non-convexity, Non-linear Economic Theory, Pattern Recognition in Economic Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Decision Space (Domain) Analysis, Fuzzy Set and Systems, Industrial Organization, Labor Economics, Inequality, and Complexity. Dr. Das’s teaching interests encompass Mathematical Economics, Mathematical Analysis and its Application, Optimization, Operations Research, Industrial Organization, Game Theory, Probability Theory and Applications, Microeconomics, Actuaries, Mathematical Finance, and Econometrics.